Traders are easily affected emotionally. When prices are going up, traders may become irrational hoping the price will continue climbing. When prices fall, fear may set in triggering panic selling. To stay clear of the emotion factor, use RHBInvest Program Trading system.

RHBInvest exclusively offers Program Trading system, where you can set Stop Limit Order and Conditional Order for unaffected decisions, Good-Till-Cancelled Order and Good-Till-Date Order.

Stop Limit Order

Trade defensive! Use Stop Limit Order to protect your unrealised gain (lock in your profit) or to limit your potential losses. This exclusive order function enables you to MAXIMISE PROFITS or MINIMISE LOSSES, and better control over your portfolio.

Conditional Order

Trade efficient! An order will be automatically sent to the exchange once a predefined condition of your dependent stock price has been triggered. This feature provides greater efficiency and frees you from the need to constantly monitor the market.

Good-Till-Cancelled Order

Trade easy! With Good-Till-Cancelled Order, your order will remain in effect for 30 days until the order is matched or cancelled. This feature frees you from keying in the same order repeatedly – a useful benefit in the event you are not able to sit in front of your screen regularly.

Good-Till-Date Order

Stay relaxed! A Good-Till-Date Order allows you to place an order up to a specified date (within one month), and your order will remain in effect until it is fully matched or expired. Enjoy your vacation and relax with GTD order.
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