What is RHBScreener?

RHBScreener is Asia’s first Stock Screener based on Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Chart-Pattern Recognition and Value Investing Principles.

Regardless of whether you are a long term investor, semi active or active trader, the RHBScreener can be a useful online trading tool for you as it identifies investment opportunities based on both fundamental and technical analysis. It also gives you the ability to build your strategy and tailor it to your investing style.

This powerful screener has 3 key components, i.e. Technical Insight, Value Analyzer and Strategy Builder. Here are some key benefits of using the RHB Screener:
  • It provides clear and actionable interpretation to assist you to plan your trades and investments. Apply more than 30 types of chart patterns, candlesticks, indicators and oscillators. It goes beyond typical charting to interpret the meaning behind the analytics and present the summaries for where the price is heading.
  • It opens up a world of opportunity to find trade ideas that make sense for you. Discover stocks that match your criteria. It allows you to narrow down stock selection to a shortlist that you can work on.
  • Keep a watchful eye in the market with alerts. Set alerts so that you will be informed when your stock has broken through key support or resistance levels.
  • Build trading strategies based on pre-built expert strategies or create your own strategies. Look for trade ideas in local and foreign markets. Grow your investing knowledge with in-context educational materials within the products itself.
Plus many more features…

If you have HOTTIE Points, you can redeem them for RHBScreener, or you can subscribe.

How to redeem?

Step 1

Login to RHBInvest.
Login HERE

Step 2

Click on Hottie tab on main navigation

Step 3

Select RHBScreener 6 months or 12 months from the drop down menu

Step 4

Click "Redeem Now" and you may start using RHBScreener immediately