Check out the new Bursa Announcements and
Note Insertion features!

Getting precise analysis is what every trader needs. That's what the new Bursa Announcement and Notes insertion features help to deliver.

On every chart, you are now able to analyse the price reaction caused by a specific announcement. Different icons are used for the announcements, classified by categories to give you a better overview of the events that may have affected the price of your tracked stock. Additionally, you can also insert your own notes onto the chart for a better personal trading experience.

How to use Announcements

On the image below, you can see the "Announcements" listed on the left panel. It is categorised under a separate tab next to the price chart. Click on any announcement to read the details.

1. Icons on the chart indicate the announcement category and dates. Clicking on an icon will auto select and highlight that particular announcement on the left panel.

2. Double-click on an announcement on the left panel to see additional details.

3. There are 2 types of filters you may use:

a) Date filter: select a range of announcement dates to display

b) Category filter: select your desired announcement category. Current default selections are Financial Results and Annual Reports

4. Turn on/off the icon display on the chart. You can toggle the icon display on/off by clicking on the button highlighted in the image.

How to use Notes

You can now insert additional private notes on the chart for sharper analysis. For example, you can add in news published in the media for enrichment purposes.

1. Click on the action button to "Add", "Edit" and "Delete" notes.

2. The type of notes created will determine the display parameters:

i) Notes that are created without selecting Market and Stock Code will always be displayed on the left panel, regardless of the chart on the right panel

ii) Notes that are created with the option of Market will only be displayed when the corresponding chart on the right panel is displaying any stock within the Market

iii) Notes that are created with the option of Market AND Stock Code will only be displayed when the chart of that specified Stock Code is displayed in the right panel

3. Double-click on a note to see additional details.

4. A blue “Note” icon in the chart indicates that a note was created on that particular day.