Hottie Points FAQ

1. Where can i apply for a RHBInvest trading account?
2. When will I get RHBInvest HOTTIE Points?
3. Can I combine HOTTIE Points from two or more RHBInvest accounts?
4. How can I earn RHBInvest HOTTIE Points?
5. Will the RHBInvest HOTTIE Points expire?
6. What are the benefits of this programme?
7. Can my RHBInvest HOTTIE Points be converted to cash?
8. How can I check my RHBInvest HOTTIE Points balance?
9. How long does it take for my RHBInvest HOTTIE points to be credited into my account?
10. Can I still collect points without trading on RHBInvest?
11. What if I have further queries on my RHBInvest HOTTIE Points?
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