Why trade SGX?

  • Ranked the most competitive country in the world (IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010)
  • Ranked No.2 worldwide as the city with the best investment potential for 16 consecutive years (BERI Report 2010-11,
    April 2010)
  • World leader in foreign trade and investment (The Globalisation Index 2009)

Why RHBInvest for SGX online trading?

  • One single login to trade in local and global markets from your browser of choice and iOS or Android device.
  • Pre-set order prices with Program Trading, exclusively available online via RHBInvest.
  • Don’t know which stock to pick? Award-winning RHB Research analysts provide insights for online trading ideas.

Quick View on SGX

Trading Hours

Mondays - Fridays

Opening Routine

  • Pre-Open: 08:30am – 08:58am/08:59am*
  • Non-Cancel: 08:58am/08:59am* – 09:00am

Trading - Open: 09:00am - 12:00pm

Mid-Day Break

  • Pre-Open: 12:00pm – 12:58pm/12:59pm*
  • Non-Cancel: 12:58pm/12:59pm* – 01:00pm

Trading - Open: 01:00pm - 05:00pm

Closing Routine

  • Pre-Close: 05:00pm – 05:04pm/05:05pm*
  • Non-Cancel: 05:04pm/05:05pm* – 05:06pm

Trading at Close - 05:06pm - 05:16pm

Closed - 05:16pm

* The Pre-Open/Close phase ends randomly at any time within this one minute window and the Non-Cancel phase begins immediately after.

Time Difference GMT + 08:00
Currency SGD
Main Index ST Index
Board Lots 100 shares
Settlement Period T + 2 market days
Price Quotes 15 minutes delay

The Electronic Trading Service is provided on an “as is”, “as available” basis only and subject to the General Trading Terms and Conditions, Electronic Investor Services Agreement and Multi-Market Trading Agreement.

Trading Information

Additional Information on SGX

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