RHBInvest Easy Steps To Get Started


RHBInvest - Market Info


RHBInvest new trading website. After login into the new trading site, you will see Market Information.
You can change market information to navigate Top Volume, Top Gainer, Top Loser, Top % Gainer and To % Loser.
You can also see the Top 20 counters. Sectorial Indexes and the Score Board.

RHBInvest - Alerts


RHBInvest lets you configure to receive alerts for your trading convenience. Get alerts via email. To set up these alerts, go to account management and configure the alerts. Learn how to configure, test alerts, set alert criteria and delete alerts.

RHBInvest - How to Place Orders


Learn the various ways on how to place orders with the new RHBInvest trading platform. Check out how to:

- Place orders from the Trade Page
- View orders
- Make order widthdraws
- View past days orders
- Place multiple orders

RHBInvest - My Page


How to create first user page on RHBInvest new trading portal. Drag and drop pagelet of items into MyPage. e.g. Top prices, check the best buy/sell, Intraday chart of counter and trade summary of the counter. You can also edit and organize the pagelets, items and even color settings according to your preferance with the 'drag and drop' feature.

RHBInvest - Account Management


How to manage your online trading account on the new RHBInvest trading portal.
In account management, view outstading positions, outstanding purchaces, outstanding sales, Contra Gains or contra Losses.
You can also go to Custody Balance to check your holdings. Also learn how to change your settings like passwords, security questions and personalise your MyPage settings.

RHBInvest - QuickMenu


Whenever you see a counter, you can right click for the buy/sell functions or even get more information on the respective counters, like Stock Tracker, Trade Summary, Company News, Intraday Charts, etc.

You can also set the particular counter to your Watchlist, Add to Batch Order and Set the Alert Criteria.

RHBInvest - Watchlist


Learn how to Add your favourite counters into the Watchlist in the new RHBInvest trading portal.