Enhance your trading experience.

RHB Share Trading takes online trading to the next level

RHB Share Trading takes online trading to the next level with winning features. Discover how unique features like Programme Trading, Stop Loss, round-the-clock support, loyalty programme and more will help enrich your online trading experience.

Loyalty Points when you
trade online

RHB Share Trading Loyalty Program rewards you with 1 SmartPoints for every RM1 brokerage when you:

  • Trade shares listed on Bursa Malaysia via RHB Share Trading online trading portal, OR
  • Trade Futures contracts listed on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, Hong Kong Exchange, Singapore Exchange, CME Group, European Exchange, London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange, InterContinental Exchange (ICE Futures US) and Tokyo Commodity Exchange via
    • Online: Any online platform offered by RHB Investment Bank OR
    • Offline: Trade placed through our Futures Brokers Representatives.
Accumulate your SmartPoints and redeem them for:
  • BIG Points - Air Asia Loyalty Program that allows you to redeem flights, lifestyle products and services
  • Bursa Malaysia 5 Market Depth


Program Trading for precise
trading decisions

'Buy low sell high' is the mantra of every trader – but that's easier said than done. Traders are easily affected emotionally, i.e. when prices are going up, traders may become irrational hoping the price will continue climbing. When prices fall, fear may set in triggering panic selling. Stay clear of the emotion factor; use Program Trading – another online trading tool that helps you set Stop Loss for unaffected, precise decisions.


Live Charting Tools for advanced traders

Candlestick charts based on 1-min, 5-min, 15-min, 30-min, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly are available according to your own preferences. True-blue chartists will be able to also apply 20 popular technical indicators on the charts. In addition to live charts, RHB Share Trading also provides 10-year historical data for further analyses.


Fully Web Based

RHB Share Trading online trading portal is compatible with all major internet browsers, making it easy for anyone to trade as long as there is access to the internet.

RHB Share Trading Mobile Trading
for Android and iOS

There are free downloadable mobile trading apps for Android and iOS-based phones. This makes it easy for anyone equipped with a smartphone or tablet to trade anytime, anywhere. More importantly, to be in touch with the latest equities market trend and order status.

Learn more about mobile trading


RHB Research for informed decisions

Read research insights by award-winning analysts to make informed trading decisions in markets across the region. Reports are updated and made available throughout the day.

As a customer, you will also receive daily research emails to help you make smart trading decisions every day.

Global Trading across major Global Exchanges

Beyond Bursa Malaysia, RHB Share Trading offers top global trading exchanges for your online investment needs: SGX, NASDAQ, NYSE American (AMEX), NYSE and HKEX at no extra cost to you on one convenient platform.


Professional customer support

Our Call Centre offers professional customer support during trading hours for all markets: KLSE, SGX, NASDAQ, NYSE American (AMEX) and NYSE.

We are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm, with the exception of certain market holidays. Contact us at 03 - 2113 8118.

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